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  • Bill,

    Russ Erb. :) He calls his plane "three sigma" for a good reason, just took a long time to build and debug. He was pretty vocal about the flight qualities, as he took a ton of ribbing from the crew for his ground loop on one the first flights, doing some damage.

    Russ had a bunch of little issues when starting off with his scratch built Bearhawk. He has about 200 hours on his now and commented "I'm beginning to like this plane".

    It is not a "hands free" airplane, but rest your arm on your leg. Finger and thumb on the stick lightly, feet resting on rudder pedals and you'll be fine.

    Usually I'm in a 172N Rental... I can sit back and it flies itself. I'm just along for the ride. Bearhawk makes you stay awake to fly it. Different planes, different missions. I like the sweet spot of speed, cargo, capacity and range. It doesn't excel at any one item, but meets all them nicely.

    Bearhawk - you need to get in one and go flying.

    We ran a FEM analysis on the frame design. It was dead on, no extra weight, and designed with a very nice tolerance. My CAD guy kept saying there is no possible way someone designed that plane with pencil and paper...

    Who is the buddy with a Bearhawk? Something is out of trim or spec if he is having that much problem with it.

    I'm still debating on what engine to use. PPONK had some screaming deals on FWF on midtime 0-470s when money was flowing and folks installing 0-520's in their 182's. I should have snagged on when I had the chance. Damn.
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