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    Hey Al, I see your very helpful here among all the BS that goes with it!

    I have spoken with the salesman at Bobcad a few times and they call quite often :crazy: but I haven't purchased any software yet. My machines are Labvolt and are pretty basic, I use them with the software they provided.

    I'm looking to do a little more with the machines so can you tell me for certain that Bobcad can create a tool path for them? they can import G-M codes but that's all I know? I did download the free trial last year but never could get it to do anything.
    BobCAD's V25 4 axis standard now offers 4 axis rotary tool path based off of solids.

    So let's say you have a 3D solid that looks like this:

    upload photo

    Using the 4 Axis Rotary tool paths you have the option to cut along or around the model.

    picture hosting

    The cut model ends up looking like this:

    photo hosting

    Watch this video to learn more about the work flow: 4 axis leg - adepoalo's library
    Training & Support:

    With technical support services from BobCAD-CAM, you’re never on your own. We’re committed to your success long after your system purchase. Our technical support experts will help ensure smooth operation of your BobCAD-CAM applications day in and day out. 45 days of technical support is included for all new customers and is renewable thereafter for an annual fee. Assistance is provided by product and technical specialists trained to use and operate BobCAD-CAM products in a technical environment. Support for hardware or software systems on which BobCAD-CAM applications reside at the customer site is not included. Although troubleshooting an application in some cases requires us to ask questions regarding your operating environments. BobCAD-CAM support technicians are not responsible for network, operating system or computer maintenance.
    Productivity Features:

    In addition to the many CAD and CAM features found in BobCAD CAM we have also added features that can only be found on systems costing thousands more. Our simulation software will simulate actual machine movements based on tool length, diameter, arbor & holder. Standard reporting tools for operations, run time, feed and rapid move length and stock left over. Giving you a complete view of how your part will be machined and if any tool path features need to be added or adjusted. Giving even the most novice of user the confidence to complete their programming and move on to the next project. In addition we included RS-232 communication for transferring you cnc files to the machine controller.
    CAM Tool Paths Included

    * 2.5 Axis Drilling
    * 2.5 Axis Profiling
    * 2.5 Axis Pocketing
    * 2.5 Axis Facing
    * 2.5 Axis Chamfer
    * 2.5 Axis Threading
    * 2.5 & 3 Axis Engraving
    * 2D & 3 Axis Plunge Roughing
    * 3D Slice Planer
    * 3D Slice Spiral
    * 3D Engraving
    * 3D Slice Radial
    * 3D Z-Level Roughing
    * 3D Z-Level Finishing

    BobCAD CAM is being used in a wide variety of shops for a wide variety of applications. This is due to the versatility of the program, customizable post processors, multiple cutting options and it's ability to create fast accurate toolpaths and CNC code. Whether you're doing 2D work or creating complex 3D parts programs, BobCAD CAM allows you to generate accurate toolpath faster, smarter and easier for less money.

    CAM Features Included

    * Stock & CAM Wizard
    * CAM Job Tree
    * Multiple Machine Setups
    * Associative CAM
    * Tool Patterns & Machining Order Control
    * Tool Database, Cibbs, Arbors, Holders
    * Pre Defined Material Database
    * Speed & Feed Calculator
    * Save & Load Tool Path Setting
    Additional Features included

    * Mirroring, Translate( move) and Rotating
    * Unlimited Undo/Redo, Cut, Copy & Past
    * Part Dimensioning
    * Multiple part viewing and rotation
    * Drawing with Points, Lines, Arc's, Splines, Fillets & More
    * Complete Surfacing Tools
    * Complete Solid Tools
    * Verify Geometry, Trim Geometry, Layers and User coordinate systems
    NEW BobCAD CAM V25

    BobCAD CAM V25 has an easy to use and understand CAD interface that will allow you to design your parts from beginning to end quickly. V25 will allow you to import DXF, IGES, STEP, SLDPRT and many other files from external CAD systems. You can verify geometry and edit your drawings on the fly by using a wide range of simple CAD features. Toolboxes have been added to make access to frequently used CAD functions easy and fast. Whether you import the CAD file or draw it in BobCAD, you have the ability to create inspection reports and part prints will full dimensions. Basic drawing tools include working with splines, creating arcs through points, drawing points, lines, arcs, bolt patters, gears, sprockets and roller cams to name a few. BobCAD offers a complete wire frame surface and solid model designing package.
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