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  • Dear Sir
    My name is Vishal Sojitra, I have one mc-600vf machine but its not working properly so I called electrician to see it. Unfortunately by electrician initialize all system So I lost all parameter, servo config,plc programming etc. Can you arrange programming backup for me.
    It really helpful for me.
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    hi me Ali. i have same problem with my matsura mc600v the alarm no is 2032 and it is not going off i set the atc arm position manually and reset the machine panel but nothing . so plz help
    Hi There, I am new to this, so I may not be going about this correctly, but here goes.
    I saw in a post you contributed to that you reckoned the Hurco control was an easy conversational control, but that it has limitations. I have a Haas TM1 with Onecnc for programing and a knee mill with a 3 axis Milpwr. I am looking to replace the Haas with something like the Hurco VM10. I looked at the machine and got a few hours on the control. I was surprised to find that it was not much more powerful than the Milpwr for simple jobshop work.

    What control do you reckon is more powerful?

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