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  • Andy
    Can you take a picture from the side? trying to see how this fits over the rack gear on the back of the spindle
    Hi Andy;
    This is a THIRD way of sending you a message through the forum. I still haven't heard from you so I'm wondering if your hearing from me!

    I would like to get the Millrite angle head from you, tell me what the next step should be.

    Andy, If you haven't sold the stakes, measure the shank if you would -- if it is 1" I definitely would buy the larger one. -Tod
    hi ady
    i'm a swiss toolmaker living in australia.almost all my tools are bought at bruetsch und ruegger in switzerland.just for your information,amost all futuro toola are made in china.
    buy the more expensive one centrofix brand which is swiss made.the same quality as hermann schmidt.

    Hi Andy I was reading this post http://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/cincinnati-milacron-kearney-trecker-vn-usa-heavy-iron/cincinnati-toolmaster-quill-wont-move-237199/
    and you asked if the right angle adapter was for sale or if he wanted to sell it. I own the same mill and it came with the right angle adapter. I removed it and it now lives on the floor of my shop if your interested let me know and we will work something out I would rather see it put to use than collect dust.
    Dave [email protected]

    There is a fella not far from me that buys/sells machines and tools. His name is Cal Hopper. He has several Tree machines and tooling. He might be able to help you. 541-468-3133. Its an Oregon number.
    Hi mister Andy,I'm René from mascouche PQ,Ihad made a lot of work on the sweden made milling,the main structure is painted with aeronautical polyurethane and have dismantled the transmission some broken gears,oh Ihad made the variable speed system with snowmobile clutch manually operated from the same place where the original speed selector was.I had dismantled the knee and the table and try to find someone to refresh the surface,one shaft in the transmission had been made new others where straightened gears have to be cut,i had found the cutter,will send pics soon.René
    Greetings Andy.

    Did you sell your Oliver lathe? I am interested. You mentioned trades. Any interest in other woodworking lathes as a partial trade?

    Regards, Patrick 973-222-0755
    hi, andy, just wondering if you still have the powcon mig pulser. i have a 200sm with wire feed. do you know if it would fit?
    andy some time ago i lived in york co penna. and i think i sold you some parts for a rockford or burke mill you had paid me with a check but it was months before you picked it up.. i do not want anything but i still have the plate that goes between the mill and the metal stand i moved down south 4 years ago and i cleaned out a lot of my stuff and i didnt throw this plate away if you would like to have i send it to you for the shipping if you are not the same person chalk it up to lunacy on my part batw
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