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  • I seen you posted on a post that you had a manual for a sebastian 12x36 gear head lathe? Im trying to get things right on it, a gear is messed up in the apron and i dont have a diagram of how it is suppose to go together. If you have the manual that would be awesome!
    Earl, what would you want for that last 500mm scale, shipped to me in Ogdensburg NY?

    .. Gregg
    A 13 x 30 would represent the smallest version of this lathe.

    Most were made longer, in 12" increments, such as 13 x 42, 13 x 54, etcetera.

    My guess is 4,000 pounds, but that is only a guess.
    hi their what part iof indiana you from? im in coatesville just west of indy. i also have a 16" that needs a new screw and nut. good luck let us know how it turns out.

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