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    For sale Toolroom milling machine Maho MH600

    Pretty nice machine but would be a very difficult sale at that price where I live I hope for your sake Europe is different Bob
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    Collets Black Friday Giveaway

    Best I can find for 10 pounds UPS would be $30
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    Metric Gears 10EE FS

    https://www.kijiji.ca/v-tool-other/ottawa/monarch-10ee-metric-change-gears/1541894091 Not mine in Ontario Bob
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    Hardinge 4NS collet set for sale

    not because of my smart ass comment I hope:)
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    Collets Black Friday Giveaway

    18 collets for $18 plus shipping. I am in Canada so shipping may be a bit more than expected so send your zip and I will get a quote. Bob
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    Hardinge 4NS collet set for sale

    Why do "plastic" posters usually have an inflated expectation of what their stuff is worth? Bob
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    220 V 1Ph to 600 V 3Ph Help Needed

    Common problem for us in Canada. I run a 10 hp Phase Perfect to generate three phase feed a 30 kva transformer wired backward to boost to 600 all on a 40 amp breaker this will run a 10hp 600 volt motor motor but it is marginal. The limiting factor seems to be the phase converter. Bob
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    Entering US from Canada with used machine, less than $2500?

    Depends who you get at the border. I think the rule is anything under $2500 should be allowed as a personal entry, ie no hassle no broker show them the bill of sale good to go. However, if the guy is an ah or suspects you are doing something shady they can make it difficult . No way of knowing...
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    FS Expanding Arbors and 5C Fixture

    1. Arbors are 1/2,5,8 and 7/8 , 1/2 is used other two are new $45 2. 5C fixture does not require closer new, $30 Bob
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    How to make a gauge tool?

    Buy this for $15
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    FS Small collets, rubber-Flex , double angle and watchmakers

    1. jacobs rubber flex marked Ortlieb 3.5-8.5 and 6.5-100 mm $50 for the pair 2. Unknown small double angle $10 for the lot 3 Unknown I think watchmaker $10 for the lot Bob
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    What to look for when 10ee shopping

    So did he buy it?
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    What to look for when 10ee shopping

    WTF do you expect from an 80 year old machine? Bob
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    FS Reamer and Arbor

    MT 4 reamer marked Alvord Polk $25 Jacobs Arbor MT5 x Jt4 $25 Plus shipping Thanks Bob