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    Using CAD CAM ? Try COMPUTER AIDED SETUP Software + DTI Probe Method.To know more visit, Computer Aided Setup
    Thanks, I can rest easy now that I know that the info. likely exists in a relatively easy to access place. Happy New Year, Charles! Catch you next year.
    Yes these are nice simple little guys but they dont sell them outside of Japan anymore. The seals are not exotic but I cant remember where I got them from. The company is closed for the holiday so it will be after the 3rd before I can check the stock and see if there is a number on them for you.

    I can't begin to express my gratitude for your efforts and your quick response. I picked this fine little pump up for $55 and the only real problem is the oil leak. Finding any information out about this pump has been very difficult.
    Hi Charles,
    I desperately need the shaft seal for a Hitachi 160VP. I noticed you said that you believed they were available. Could you suggest where I should look? Thanks!
    Hey charles, about those 4130 axles, Do you think 4130 is the correct metal to be used? I had another guy tell me i shoudl consider 12L14, but i thought 12L14 would bend under the pressure due to the Lead content in the metal.
    I was thinking about 1144 Stressproof steel. Any thoughts?
    Thanks alan
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