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  • Mine is actually an MH600 - slightly later than the SK250 (the same model of machine is on the lathes.co.uk site). It has a useful 40INT taper in the head and spindle. Apart from the motor problem I've had no issues. However the motor is an odd two speed German one and I've replaced it with a single speed 3 phase motor and must get round to putting an inverter on to get the speed variation back. However it works just fine as it is. Frankly I think the Maho is a better machine than a Deckel FP1 (which is smaller). However with a Deckel at least there are spares and accessories, at a price. With a Maho in the UK they're very rare.
    Hello Charles, so its us versus the Deckels ! lol ! Can you tell me a bit more about your SK ? any re-ocurring problems etc ?
    Mike Young
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