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    Sorry I had an MX3 & it has been sold for parts. Try the Yaskawa website they have a lot of manuals for free download.
    Been awhile since I visited the forum. Here is the deep drill macro I am using.

    G183 deep drill modified from ANGELW

    change Parameter 6052 to 183

    #1 = dwell at initial level on retract - A
    #2 = Z clearance - B
    #3 = min peck - C
    #4 = call IPM feed mode - I
    #5 = depth to slow feedrate - J
    #6 = final Z coordinate - K
    #7 = depth to slow RPM - D
    #8 = IPM feedrate from J depth down - E
    #9 = normal feedrate - F
    #11 = RPM reduction percentage - H
    #18 = percentage reduction factor of peck value - R
    #23 = 1st peck distance - W
    #20 = num of revs at peck end - T
    #26 = Z start plane - retract point - Z

    G183 I98. J-1.6 K-2. Z.02 W.5 C.18 A.5 B.02 R.6 E.004 F.01 H20. D-1.3 T4.

    The only required fields are K Z W B C F
    The rest are optional.

    Both E & F feed rates are in IPR. Control converts to IPM with addition of I-variable


    Program is in a following PM. Too many characters otherwise.
    We just got a used kitamura Mycenter 1, and the spindle oiler has air in the lines.

    I'm not familiar with it. Is this an oil reservoir with thin clear hoses going to the spindle bearings? They should have air, that's what delivers the oil to the bearings.

    The compressor runs continuously.

    I don't know what you mean by compressor.

    Have you called Kitamura? They would be the best to answer those specific questions, since they built the machine.
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