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    Spindle deburring experience?

    I have a part that I can't just throw into my Mr Deburr. They dent unacceptably from part on part banging, and take about 45 minutes to deburr, so I can't run them one at a time. If I put a bunch of dividers into the tub, they stick to the walls. I need to make a couple hundred a day. Photo of...
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    Deburring small <2mm diameter holes

    For the stainless, for that type part, you might look at electropolishing. For the plastic parts, I'd look into dry ice blasting.
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    Fast method for oiling parts?

    Yep, exactly. In this particular case, this is a handheld product, so once it is sufficiently covered in fingerprints the look doesn't really change. It's just after the passivate process (alkaline clean, rinse, citric passivate, rinse, alkaline clean, rinse, neutral clean, rinse rinse)...
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    Cutting 3” Schedule 40/80 PVC pipe lengthwise

    I agree, a table saw with a riving knife should have no trouble at all. But if this is only 10" long, you might have more success standing it on end and running it through a vertical bandsaw. No pinching problem that way. Or set your table saw blade height to leave a .01 or so thick skin on...
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    Fast method for oiling parts?

    Okay, let me be more specific. These are our products. The users are our customers. The spec is our spec. Oiled, they look fine and work fine. "Hey, sucks to be you for buying our product" doesn't seem very customer friendly. I just need a faster way to get there. Tried oil in odorless...
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    Fast method for oiling parts?

    The issue isn't us leaving fingerprints. The issue is the first time a user touches the part is goes from looking pretty good to looking like a crime scene!
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    Fast method for oiling parts?

    I have a bunch of 416 stainless steel parts that get built up into an assembly. They're hardened, bead blasted and then passivated. They look good. But they're fingerprint magnets. The slightest touch leaves a super obvious mark. If I take a bit of oil and slowly and carefully wipe it on and...
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    BT30 Spindle Capabilities

    I wouldn't sweat that too much, the DT won't hold the programmed feedrate, either.
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    Thinking about starting a shop...

    If your experience is in aerospace, don't make car parts. Go to mooneyspace or beechtalk or whatever the equivalent piper and cessna and cirrus forums are. Spend a week searching the forums for posts like "$2,000 for one goddamn spring." Now, there's some FAA paperwork potentially involved...
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    OT: Repeatability of limit switches

    Any reason you can't define your home as "last index pulse before hitting the limit switch"? That tends to be more repeatable.
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    Alternative Materials to Bronze for high-load bushings... are there any?

    The original design might well be shit. But it's gonna be at least an analyzed shit, and the complaint is "this is a high wear item" rather than "I'm running out of places to stuff the bodies." I don't think anyone here is saying that this couldn't be analyzed and improved. But that's expensive...
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    Alternative Materials to Bronze for high-load bushings... are there any?

    If anything EVER happens with the ride, the first people the inspectors are going to call in is the manufacturer. Whether your bushings had anything to do with it or not. The manufacturer is going to pretty much immediately flag your parts as being an unauthorized modification, which will...
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    End Of An Era in American Manufacturing---The last 747

    A clean sheet design is one that isn't directly derived from a previous design. Starting with a blank piece of paper, as it were. For example, a 737 Max 10 is a new airplane, but it was more-or-less derived from the 737 lineage. An A-380 was a clean sheet design, as was the 777. So someone...
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    End Of An Era in American Manufacturing---The last 747

    Big, no doubt, but also unnecessary, as engine technology and regs have moved past it. The 777 can these days do basically everything that a 747 can at two thirds the cost. That's what killed it in the end. Not Boeing's festering incompetence. See also: A380. I don't think we'll ever see...
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    Alternative Materials to Bronze for high-load bushings... are there any?

    There are people who could do the calcs here. There are people that could stamp the drawings here. But there are NOT people with enough clairvoyance to do that based on the information given. Making parts to print is one thing. This is not that. Be careful.