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  • Can you look at this probably uk made milling,and check if you can find who made this machine. Keachier.Flickr: Phonse59's Photostream
    Of the old shops who worked in this rather outdated work method the one which particularly springs to mind was the late Brassfounders & finishers in Bridgeton Glasgow who were called John Glover & Co of Muslin St, The director of this ancient concern was Mr Jack Glover, Who many years ago, taught me how to chase a thread using only a hand chaser, a skill, i can only say was a priviledge to be shown Jacks old firm was a veritable time warp

    I was most intrigued to discover this forum when doing some internet research on the Bridgeton Brass Foundry which was run by my uncle, Jack Glover. Perhaps you were an apprentice with him? He died in 1989, having given up the foundry in the early 70's when the building was due for demolition. I'd be interested to hear any other recollections you may have of my uncle and the foundry.
    Best regards,
    Hi Gordon,
    Would be brilliant if the sunset could take us back to 1958-65, & change a few things Rangers F.C. was in a better state then as well ! We might end up getting up some of the forums noses- tough! Life was more intresting then, Did you know Don Lindsay, One of Langs service engineers ? A pal of mine
    I have some nice machine tools &other lovely things, Look forward to catching up sometime Cheers for now
    Dan. .
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