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  • Man I know you can do it.

    No doubt in my mind.

    I want a tour of the place when it's rocking ok?

    ill pm you a number lets talk....
    Part 3

    Question, was the copy of master cam x2 you gave me registered to you, NT design? or was it a Sage Precision deal? I want to update it to the latest but I don't want to raise eyebrows and get you in the hotseat. What are my options here? and do you still use the height master in you working? if not would you be willing to part with it and for how much. I'm looking at aquiring the tools I need for precision measuring for the areospace world. A cmm is on the list but I will have to go without until I can rent an industrial space, hopefully by this time next year.

    I hope the family is doing well, hug the wife and kids for me talk to you later,

    part 2

    How you been still toying away or have you developed something substancial yet. I'm working on putting my shop back together in my garage and it should be up within the next couple of months. I'm going after his juggler this time and will be ISO compliant when I open the doors and will be certified within 6 months. I'm gonna go big this time I've had a belly full of the wanna be shop owners who don't know how to get it done and who don't take care of there employees and customers. I have a couple of this guys customers waiting in the wings as soon as I get the ball rolling with the certification. They have had a belly full of him too and are ready to place there work elseware.
    What's up Dave. Well I sit here finding myself out of work. The owner and I had a serious disconnect and he just didn't get it and wasn't about to support my effort. Bummer for him. Now he sits and wallows with his bills that he can't make and inefficient shop practices. We will be seeing his equipment in the auction publications very soon I'm sure of it.

    Part 1
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