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  • Michael,
    Bud does travel a lot on his job. I am sure that he will get the photo's to you soon. Craigslist, ebay and here are the best places to find machinery that I know of, you just need patience.
    Hello Bill
    Hope all is well! I know vintage machinery is very rare in my neck of the woods. You fellas are blessed for sure. I was wondering besides craigslist and ebay, are there big machinery sales, weekend events or auctions that happen from time to time. It is an awful long drive to look at something from a picture on a little screen. Also Bill I was curious if Bud travels alot for his work? I have dissambled my machine to check for number stamps and builders name, but no obvious signs of any. I forwarded info to him, but have not gotten any response. If in the near future you run into him, I could really use those pics of the door that I had discussed with him. Thanks for your time
    Best Regards
    Michael Samson
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