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  • Hello Frank, I stumbled upon a post of yours about tool load monitoring. I would love to hear about your experience with CNC machine monitoring. My company is developing a tool wear monitoring system and your insights can help us in tailoring our solution for real-world needs! Not trying to sell anything, feel free to give me a call at 3054408780 or email [email protected]
    Hi frank I have an older haas mill in need of a spindle regrind. I found your post on using a carbide bore bar to do this. What all did you use for supplies to make this happen? Bore bar size? What type of inserts? Also how did you line the bore bar up with spindle centerline? Any tips or recommendations would be great before I jump into this.

    I gave your name to Roger Beck, Ingersol, Rockford Ill. He needs a boring bar made. 7 inches, long or around I don't know. He is to call you Monday to give you more specifications and to see if you can help.
    Sincerely Walt Ammerman Jr.
    Spindle Grinding Service Inc
    517 629 9334 Phone 517 629 9339 Fax..
    I do not have any threadmills that can do that pitch and so deep. I think you should contact someone to get an indexable thread mill that can go that deep. You will have so take at least 3-4 passes to get the full depth.
    Frank,I may be ask to install at least 40 1 1/4-7 holes ,about 1.7 deep.
    These are THRU holes,I have never thread milled but aint afraid of it.
    I have a 5 hp. kneee mill,largest holder is 1 1/4.
    The question is ,do you have any tools to do this milling?
    Thanks,Greg, 517 376 2295
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