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  • Hello, I recently read a response you wrote to a post about back and forth motion. I am building a halloween prop that will be a standing woman that sways forwards and backwards in place at a fast pace.


    This is what I am basing it off of. I want her to move quicker to look more violent.
    I am not versed in mechanics or pneumatics so I'm not sure exactly what to use.
    Hi there, Do you know if there are going to be any scraping classes in the Seattle area? Looking around it seems the scraping community has gone silent in recent years. Thanks, David
    Respected sir,

    This is Sundar Sivam S.P from india living in a state called Tamilnadu/chennai. Presently i'm working in SRM international univ as a Asst prof and also doing my research work in Dry machining in light weight materials. could u do me favour for me . i need some information reg Dry machining how the process and control parameters and also experimental setup also. i'm expecting in ur favorable response from you. thank u .
    No problem on the "Friend" thing, Forest. Could you PM me an email I could get in touch with you to ask you some questions? Even hermits have email. ;-)

    Dear Sir:

    I have received a new scraping tool which we are considering selling. With your permission I should like to send you one or two and I would appreciate it if you would be good enough to give me your opinion of the tool.

    I have no idea whether it would be suitable for your version of scraping since I know nothing about that kind of work.

    However, as I believe I have written before, I am an admirer of yours and would sincerely appreciate any opinion you cared to offer.

    There would be no obligation of any kind on your part. It makes sense to give a few away before we spend a couple thousand dollars trying to sell them.

    If you would contact me directly at [email protected] or call 800 346-8274 we will arrange to ship them to you as you wish.

    Tom Walz
    Hi Forrest,
    I have two voest da-210 1975 that have been modify for cutting thread on round tubing with a motorised attachement bolted on the chariot. The tailstock have been modified too. I want to restore one of them, but I dont have any diagrams or manual for.
    Do you have some information for DA-210 or DA-225? I have the voest DAT lathe manual.
    Please write me back
    [email protected]
    Tanks and have a good Christmas
    hi Forrest,

    I'm busy with with a pet project I could never quite get off the ground. Converting an OLD 5' planer to a mill. I wonder if I could send you a couple of pics and ask for some guidance - this is a bit out of my experience.

    Kind regards,


    P.S. Have you got an email I could send to ?
    I also like yours and Holescreek's very clever attempt at making a power scraper. Might be my best shot at power scraper ownership.

    I'm tired of people who do this professionally telling me about "very cost effective" and "affordable solutions" that cost $1000 or there abouts. It's discouraging! I know we can do this with limited resources, we just need a little more information, that's all.

    Thank you so much for all your contributions to the community in teaching and guiding those of us who are interested in scraping on an amatuer level. Many assume that because we lack the professional tools and experience, that we also lack the ability and ingenuity to properly align and recondition machine tools. They're wrong, of course, though we may face some different obstacles to our goals. I'm a fan of Henry Maudsley, who turned out precision planes, lead screws, and machines out of nothing but raw iron and hard work. I love that.

    Take Care!
    Hello Forest,
    I have a second question about the very cool looking diamond lapper that I see in your pictures. Would you feel comfortable sharing some information about this? I wanted to ask you first before I post it all over PM. Mabe we can make a post about it if you feel comfortable with that.

    I was going to make mine as light as I could to conserve money. My thought was to take a 1/3 HP motor I have, and mount it to a 1/4 inch base. Buy a chunk of say, 6" or 8" dia inch cast iron, 1 inch thick, face it and bore a hole to attach it to the motor shaft. A 1/4 inch plate might make a nice table surface. Enco & Mcmaster sell dimond paste for about $25. What do you think, maybe 600 grit on one side and 1800 grit on the other? Would you recommned the heavy medium or light diamond conentration? And last, how do you apply the diamond to the wheel?

    Thanks again!
    Hello Forrest,
    I Hope all is goin well. For me the summer machine fixin season is in high swing. I've got a 16 inch South Bend with an 8 foot bed and a Bridgeport that I plan on scraping over the next months and years.

    I've been wanting to contact you about attending one of your classes, if you plan to have one in the future, especially if it's say, within 14hr driving distance of Michigan. I don't know if you have a "list", but keep me in mind. You can email me at wayne_johnson2000 at y*h** dot com, or feel free to call me @ 248 561 5930.

    Take Care!
    Hi Forrest,
    I thought I would reply to your comments on the movie Sand Pebbles. The engine room scenes were filmed at 20th Century Fox studio in LA.
    I was at the 20th Century Fox backlot in the San Fernando Valley back in 1975. The engine, feed pump, fake boiler front and the engine room wall panels were sitting in a storage shed.
    I had alway thought that it was filmed in a real ship but it was not. The engine was run with a modern package boiler. The engine ended up in the yard of a guy here in San Diego named Ed Paxton. He was the engineer on the SD maritime museum's steam boat "Medea". The engine weighed 30 tons according to the rigging company who moved it. The engine was given to the foundation who restored the Lane Victory. It can be seen turning slowly via hydrulic motor and jacking gear in the forward hold of the Lane in Long Beach harbor.
    The movie is one of my most favorites because of the engine room scenes.
    take care,
    Greg Johnson
    Justin. Good to hear from you. Yup. Guilty of buying two 3" face mills. I'm looking forward to them. Actually one is for a frend. Visit PM and HSM more often and mix n with the confution.

    Forrest Addy
    Forrest; hello- my name is Justin. I was printing out some ebay shipping labels today and thought I recognized your name. I believe you just bought a pair of 3" face mills from me recently. Just thought I would say hi, and let you know that your cutters are shipping out tomorrow; hopefully you'll be pleased with them. They've been cutting nothing but dust for me for about a year! Thanks, Justin
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