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  • Good morning;

    I am bring out a new way of making TC Contender barrel. This product is designed for the gunsmith and serious shooter with a metal lathe. I would like to announce it here on this forum but don't want to run afoul of rules. It could be just an invite to our new website that will be opened at the same time. I have enjoyed and learned from this forum for several years and want to continue to do so.
    Lowell Kenney (Eagle_View)
    360-432-2339 PST
    I have a Cronite Engraver for sale. I posted it in the Antique Forum. I'd like to link to here as well but wanted to ask permission first. I don't visit this forum so don't know the policy on posting for sale stuff.


    Could my reply’s # 5 #9 and #10 buy mce6062, to the Milling a 1911 slide post be removed, if so I would like it removed.
    Thank you
    Good Morning.

    Is there a way that you could correct my mistyped link in the "Invatation to our web site" It is confusing people and I don't seem to have access to do it my self.
    www.eagleviewarms.com is the correct link.

    Thank You


    I would like to introduce my website to the PM Gun Forum but don't break any rules. What I am mostly looking for right now is feedback on the instructions that i am creating there.


    Please tell if I can do this?

    Thank you

    Lowell Kenney (Eagle_view)
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