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    End Mill Pull Out

    I was always taught to pull the endmill out as I was tightening on the flat.you should feel the endmill pull back into the holder. The only way it could then pull out is if the screw came loose or sheared.
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    integrex alignment

    Sorry, in the middle of a run. I understand the effects of gravity on indicators. Had to demonstrate it to our maintenance crew. indicating was done using the same setup we use on our horizontal jig bores. It is looking like it may be a B axis alignment issue.... I am planning on running...
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    integrex alignment

    Okay, will double check that. So, will that fix the problem of the center of a hole, b at 90., with X,Y interpolation being off center with a hole milled, b at 90, using c ?
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    integrex alignment

    So, I would think, if i turned a spud in lathe mode, then put my test bar in the milling spindle and rolled it to 90 degrees, put an indicator on the spud and sweep in the test bar, I should be able to put the indicator on the test bar and the spud should sweep in at zero as well. In short they...
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    Source for Morse taper tooling

    I need to mount some chucks using #5 Morse taper adapters. I believe they have 1-8 thread for a draw bar. Any Ideas?
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    revolver cylinder heat treatment

    shunka is dead on. I had a very similar conversation with Smith and Wesson last year about rechambering a revolver. The issue was frame strength not cylinder strength.
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    New Centerless Owner! What am I getting into?

    the first thing we tell apprentices when they run the centerless is: count your finger when you start and then make sure you have the same number when you are done! At least I think it is a joke. I was through feeding aluminum spacers (like rings .75 wide 2. in diameter). One part cocked and...
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    cleaning stones

    Sandpaper Wet/Dry sand paper on a sheet of glass or other flat surface. A little kerosene and stone away. We do it high tech at work. Lapping table just for the job and some Silicon carbide 80 grit . :cheers:
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    Okuma osp 7000 G10 Block skip

    Can you program the block skip function off and on using G code? What is the best way to put a Z fixture offset in using G code programming. I Guess I could use a variable but.... My book says G10 is a shut off for G11. I have run 7000s in the past that used G10 for setting fixture offsets...
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    rechambering New England shotgun to.223?

    SB1 and SB2 are not the same. http://www.hr1871.com/Firearms/Rifles/handiRifle.asp Model: Superlight Ammo: 223 Rem. (SB2-SL3) Stock: High-density polymer, black matte finish, sling swivel studs, recoil pad, Monte Carlo stock. Barrel: 20" Sights: Scope mount rail and hammer extension; no iron...
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    Gov. banns sale of spent brass to US reloaders

    stupid poisoning There was a good program about the lead lined Roman aqua ducts. Seems lead will create an oxide and the lead will not leach out. Has something to do with the minerals in the water. That is why the Romans didn't die from lead poisoning. To bad we will die from stupid poisoning...
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    What is this wheel for?

    salvor6: me thinks you are correct. Too many things on my mind and darn few in it. :nutter:
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    What is this wheel for?

    http://www.grindwellnorton.co.in/BrochureWare/sa_diamond_CBN_46.htm I think it means they are cubic boron nitrite at 120 grit 062 wide. Don't know about the TBB, unless it is wheel shape... but that is only a guess. I don't have my book in front of me at the moment.
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    How can I get rid of 30 guns???

    Might try I too think you have gotten some bad advice... But... If you want to keep them check with a lawyer. I can’t imagine not being able to accept items from your own father estate. I am sure if you look around you can find a FFL in the state that will help you sell off the collection for...