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  • I saw a post from Jan 2016, do you have Boyar Schultz vertical screws w/ but available to purchase??
    it would appear from your prior posts that you either worked for Ingersoll or used their wire mikes. I am trying to obtain a set of the wire mikes and the wire bases. Ingersoll says the part numbers from the setup pdf file no longer exist.

    Any ideas?

    Tom Fares
    [email protected]
    An update on the repairs: S/N 41916

    The thrust bearings were not the right ones, modified sometime ago. Half of the ball bearings were missing and everything was rusty.OPerator finally told me "oh yeah there was about a half inch of backlash in there"
    The front bushings next to the hand crank were gummed up with rust as well. They were what made turning the crank so hard. No oil port in that bushing to add oil if the operator ever had the notion to add any anyway. Changed that today, just drilled through the blind hole for the dog point set screw that holds the bushingin place. I'll have to make a sleave and thrust washer and find some thrust bearings to fit in the pocket on the taper slide. The apron should come off and be cleaned and improved but I think its going to be neglected for a while longer. I'll check the oil anyway.
    Thanks for the drawings. They made taking things apart andfinding the problem much easier.
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