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  • And isn't it nice, not to have to slam doors every time you have to change parts. I also like to See! a test cut before I turn it loose. It's hard to see what you're doing when you're two feet away.

    Thanks again.

    Thanks again Jackal.. :) Maybe we should work together sometime.;) Ok! So what Hurco is that you show? I still have all the old Blue ones. Kmb1's. I try to do miniature parts when I can. The Blue Hurco's look like Cincinnati's when you are cutting with a 3/16th end mill. ;)

    I "stumble" wrote an AutoLisp routine to extract just the point locations using AutoCAD. Then I "brainwashed" it through Excel to convert it to incremental for the looping process. That helped a lot.

    Please talk to me...


    About a Goodway with Anilam you wrote . . . I'm going to run the exact same thing that you are. Mach 3 with Vipers. Maybe later go on to EMC- linux.

    I just picked up one of these and while it works - sort of - I'd be more comfortable with a PC and Mach3. Did you ever do yours?

    I'll be in and out today (actually picking up the lathe today) but I'd love to chat if you have a few minutes for me. I'm in the Orlando area and up until 11pm so don't worry overly much about waking me.

    Tel: 407-302-3361
    Cell: 407-417-7071
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