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  • Mike
    I have a set of 9' model A half nuts needing refurbishing. Let me know if you are still doing this. Thanks, Dan 623-242-4610
    Just seen your post on the compound and cross slide nuts. My pc crashed this summer and I haven't been on PM for some time. Had sent you a PM some time back about this and also half nuts. Lost all the info I had on other pc.
    I was wondering if you needed a set of half nuts to rebuild?? Mine are still working fine but would like a set to have on hand but don't have any to send for rebuilding???

    What forms of payment do you take? Doing this via PM as I didn't want to bother you on Christmas day to meet the deadline for the crossfeed and compound special.

    Thanks in advance and Merry Christmas.

    Dennis Martin
    607 4th Ave West
    Lemmon, SD 57638
    I got some advice to inquire if you have ever repaired a set of half nuts for an 11" lathe? I have a 1938 model 11R with half nuts that are worn out and would be interested in sending them in.


    [email protected]
    I have a Hvy 10 and cross slide and compound nuts are getting loose. Also did you say that OEM half nuts are aluminum?? I would like to have an extra set on hand. Don't need them replaced now though. Are all of your half nut sets with exchange or do you sell them otherwise? Is the $125 price with exchange?

    Would appreciate a response via email if possible as I don't log in every day here. [email protected]

    Thanks in advance.

    I need a new cross feed nut and screw for my craftsman atlas 12x36 deluxe model. I have way too much slop in the nut/ and or screw. I've tried tightening down the nut by turning the screw back and forth and it still has too much slop. Are you still offering these parts, and what is the price for the parts individually versus seperately. I might want to try installing a new nut for starters.
    I have an SB 14 1/2 that needs your magic for the cross-feed screw and nut.

    The screw has wear in the middle and the nut is buggered up from the retaining screw being missing and the cross-feed screw cross-threaded into it ... before I got the lathe.

    Could you give me your price and your shipping info to send my parts.

    Gary Cude
    [email protected]
    looking for replacement cross slide nuts for sb heavy 10 and 13", both with taper attachments (if that matters) and also a taper attachment bed clamp for a 13" please let me know the price each with shipping to 30527 if you have these parts.
    [email protected]
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