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  • Jim, you've got the tool post and compound. Do you know what the compound goes to or just have a project in mind?
    Roller box is gone. I'll need your address.
    Jeff Ward
    jim rozen
    jim rozen
    The compound will be grafted onto another machine I have, probably. How would $100 do for payment including shipping to:

    Jim Rozen
    520 Highland Ave
    Peekskill NY 10566

    If that works for you, I'll send a check to you. Address, if OK?
    Jim are you seeing my messages in "conversations" ?
    Im getting tired of Gard....I may take a break for a while....I just hate seeing him using those long not same size test bars...

    jim rozen
    jim rozen
    Ha ha. Does seem to have a nicely re-done bed for that machine though!
    Hi Jim,

    I'm new to machining and am starting a shop. I've had a Logan 9" lathe for a number of years and started looking for a milling machine. I have an aquaintenace who has a Hardinge TM mill with the vise, vertical head, overarm & bracket, and a stub arbor. He has the 4C collets for the head as well. This machine has an original electrical feed for the X axis.

    This is my only mill and I think I'll be using it mostly in the vertical orientation. You said that you have a M head that you never used. Would you be interested in potentially selling you M head?

    I have a couple of drill presses for drilling so I really don't need a quill, but I thought I'd start looking for a M head for my mill. I'm in no rush, for I should get the mill and start to use it.

    Please let me know if you'd be willing to sell your head. I live in Oregon, so we are about as far away from each other as we can get. I'll ask around here locally too.


    Hey Jim, thanks for your reply to my questions in the Hardinge forum. I tried to send you a PM, but it bounced because there was no space - grin - the price of being knowledgeable I guess! Please message me if you would be willing to let me pick your brain a few minutes.
    Hi Jim, I like what you say,,, i have a question that you might be able to shed some light to. I posted a comment last night and it was pulled .

    It read : 400 so called Americans have the wealth and assets of the rest of the 150 million Americans! I love scott walker he has managed to wake up people that have been asleep for to long.
    Power to the people,,, mac on the ground in Madison Wisconsin ( self employed)

    I have looked at the rules and the other post and for the life of me can not see why it was pulled?
    This was the impetus for my rather sarcastic post.
    Jim, Are you or have you been an IBM person? If so have you any idea of
    how to send an e-mail to some (I guess an engineer type) person there?
    I have been doing a lot of genealogy searching on my family name
    ( Hartswick ) and found a Perry Hartswick who is at IBM as some sort
    of engineer or fairly high up position. I can't find any way to try and
    contact him.
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