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  • HI!

    We live outside Rodeo, NM, which is about 3 miles from Arizona and 50 miles from Old Mexico. San Simone valley.

    I have spent some time around Lincoln. Billy the kid was smart to hang out there. All that Juniper is about the same height as a man on a horse. If he hadn't ever come to town, they never would have found him.

    Yeah, tha t Carlsbad country is nice and warm! Nice place to start a rock shop, too, 'cause that's what they grow best....:)....Joe
    Joe, just read your post about staying cool in the summer. What general part of south New Mexico are you in. I was born in Carlsbad. Went out to Lincoln Natl. forest a few time mule deer hunting. Forest wasn't so bad, land around Carlsbad looked like Hell with fire blowed out!
    I agree with everthing you say politically. Cannot argue with Obamacrats, or Bushicans... They are all creetans and crooks.
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