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  • Hello Joe,

    I'm not trying to rush your decision on the files but my PMs are stacking up with other members interested in the files. There are 30 left of a good variety if you are still interested.

    Regards and thanks, George
    Just wanted to say how nice it was of you to write that long post of encouragement to the fellow with the Atlas and not the flame job one usually gets when a scratching toy lathe is mentioned. The dude seems to have common sense and a willful desire to learn which is not common anymore. A BIG thank you from another student of the "Joe Micheals School of Wisdom & Experience". Regards, Merrill
    Hello Joe,

    The book Forge Practice-- cost of book and shipping came $14.00.

    You can send a check to:
    George Stefureac
    11719 Pine Mountain Drive
    Brighton, MI 48114

    Thanks for the purchase, George
    Hi Joe.I think I know, but have to ask. Are you the same Joe Michaels that teaches Steam 101 at Hanford Mills? I just took it this past weekend, then ran across your name as a visitor to my profile. I have to say, I liked every minute of that class, thank you. I'm looking forward to going again next year!
    My name is Pat from Industrial service company in Easton Pa. We bought the cinn hypro planner mill out of the power repair shop. It is now in our shop and we are setting it up as I write this. We are a pump repair and parts mfg. shop that specializes in parts for the electric utilities. I read your posts and its good to hear the history of the machine. We have been in touch with Byron Yancey about the machine. We have some spindle issues he is helping us with. I will stay in touch
    Thanks, Joe, that was a lot of great detail (re: Rosie's lathe). I'm going to try to find out what the Broach company made during the war years (they might have shifted over to something else for the defense industry since the automakers, apparently their chief clients, were also doing so). That will hopefully help me assess whether or not this machine (probably a jig-borer, as you suggest) would have been there. I know that IDing her specifically will be difficult, but if I can rule out that she was in the Michigan factory that will aid my project a lot. Thanks for your assistance.


    jim ([email protected])
    Hello Joe. Do you still have that power hacksaw for sale? I could pick it up. I'm in danbury but drive to Albany quite often. Please reply to my email at [email protected] as I don't check the site very often.
    Thanks! Paul
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