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  • Hi Kees,

    I bought a McDougall DT-50 lathe two years ago. good heavy versatile lathe.

    The big problem is that I can't get the change gears set to thread metrically. The Whitworth setup i know.

    Do hou have any information about this type of lathe?
    Original post: The Home Machinist! ? View topic - Don't know how to thread on this lathe

    There is almost no information about mcdougall lathes available so any information w ould be helpfull.

    Hi Kees,

    Since about a week I own a 1952 (I guess...) VDF S400. Just couldn't resist buying it after having seen that great sales flyer you posted on this site a while ago. It's equipped with taper turning attachment, but both followers fixed and steady are missing. It came with operation manual (French version) and all machine drawings.
    It seems original, except for a small home made tool tray on the headstock (top right corner), fixed where I think a printed machine chart should be. But in some pictures a kind of calculator (cutting speed/workpiece diameter/lever settings?) takes that spot? Do you know which goes onto which machines, and whether these aluminum printed charts are still available? Thanks for any help.

    Johan (Belgium, Dutch speaker)
    p.s. My email: [email protected]

    Anyhow, I was wondering
    Hello Kees, I have been asked to help an older gentleman sell his Heidenreich & Harbeck It looks to be in reasonable condition.Wiring diagram says 1963 but I have a feeling it's older.It's 15 x 60 I am looking for help on valuing this lathe and or any information ,( where to look?) My email is [email protected] I have pictures that I could send to give you a better idea.Any help would be great.Thankyou in advance. Ted. p.s. we are in B.C. Canada
    Hello Kees,

    it is really an very interessting post. Can you please tell me something about the quality (accurance) of the Deckel FP compared to the ALG 100. Is there a big difference tue to the fact that this machine was built in Zagreb.
    Would you prefere a Schaublin 13 mill over an Deckel FP1 oder 2?

    Best regards

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