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  • Ken I seen where you have fixed the pulleys on the 14" Logan's I'm trying to fix mine now I have the new seals but can't figure out how to seperate the pulleys from the axle I have knocked out the pins but they are on there.. Any help would be greatly appreciated
    Hi Ken,
    Thanks for the quick reply, I really need a set of m10 x 1.0 chasers for the Landmatic. Sorry to go metric on you but as much as I hate it it's getting really hard to stay imperial over here.
    Having said that I would buy any dies that fit if the price was right, many projects in my head!!!
    Was either shaper made by G&E (Gould & Eberhardt)?

    If so --I am searching for all the "odd ball" handles (especially the taper shank vice handle) for a G&E.

    Also looking for the oiler "tower" assembly and "trombone oiler" setup for an early 16" Cincinnatti shaper.

    Would you care to sell the vice from either of your shapers?

    I'll pay for crating and shipping.

    Kindly reply to my work email: [email protected]

    Best regards,
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