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  • Fritz,
    Are all three teeth in a row, or spread out around the entire circumference of the gear?

    To repair the individual teeth, we ground the gap to way below root depth, and much wider, to give the bronze more adhesive surface. Drilled and tapped large bolt holes across the width of the gear, and placed bolts into them from the inside surface of the gear so at the worst, the heads would have to be pulled thru the iron for the tooth to fail, at least in theory. Ground up a form tool, and used it to cut tooth profile in the 24 inch shaper. Not perfect, but still working, I think.

    Might have some pix of this job at work in a drawer. Will check.

    I would send the ductile back to McMaster Carr.

    Hope this helps.

    I'm in Saint Louis, MO. I've got a 12 Landis threading machine with three teeth broken out of the bull gear. I saw your message about repairing these gears and was hoping that you might give me some more details/step by step on how you repaired your gear. The teeth themselves were not given to me when I received the machine. I have ordered some ductile iron from McMaster to replace them. Thanks for any help you can offer.

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