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  • Hi collect and restore old machine tools for my private shop and have been interested in finding an old planer fir a while now. i am interested in the planer and i am located fairly close in Sacramento. But of course size and weight might be an issue. Can the machine be broke down into smaller segments ir ut ut pretty much stuck in one unit? I can cone with truck and trailer but would need to know rough detentions(length.width). Thank you

    My name is Anthony and my email is [email protected] my number is 916-612-7676
    I am interested in the planer.
    My contact info. is as follows:

    Ralph Hauschild
    6541 Rogers Lane
    Burlington, KY 41005
    email: [email protected]
    cell: 859-609-7929

    Please give the owner of the machine my information. I would be best as a last resort if no one else wants the machine. I would hate to see the machine go to scrap.

    Thank you.
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