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  • Hi, I do have them and I have copied them to a drive. Depends on your hardware as well. Do you have the VME based control? Youll also need 16mb of ram to run it. ALso whasts your email? Ill send a dropbox share with the discs
    Hi Mark! I understand you have some discs with the MillPlus 4.0 for a DMU50V. Now, the thing is we have a DMU50V 5 axis machining center with a MillPlus NC 3.2 which does not have the now legendary G7 (I understand that from V4.0 up, the G7 is there and also upgrading from 3.x is possible only up to 4.0). I would pretty much like to give it a try and upgrade to V4.0 if you would be so nice as to share the files with us also. :) I have all the documentation, including the endless machine parameters list, so it would not be impossible.. Thank you very much!
    Hi Mark,
    I seen your posts in regards to the Voest DA lathe off manual.
    I am also having electric starting issues with mine in the switch and it would be awesome if I had a manual.

    Thanks Garren
    Yes send me your email, ive got dialog 3 posts that work on my fp42nc without any editing, though i really have only used them for large plate work so far. Beware of using poste haste posts they are really just templates, and can wreck your machine in a hurry if you dont know how to edit posts. Also a real pst will give you smaller files, important with 24k mem
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