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  • Hey metal!
    I am scrolling through all posts relating to Star, i noticed you said you have 100+ at your place, which sounds so awesome, im just getting to know them, i have a SR20j and a SA16, if you woild be so kind i have two questions. First is do you have any literature that is good for understanding proper set up techniques? Second one is have you ever attended Stars training classes in CT? Are they worth the time? Any info you could give i would greatly appreciate! Thank you
    Hi guys,
    I have been a machinist for 20 years and have now moved into teaching the trade that I love. I have run everything from multi spindle screw machines to 11 axis Swiss CNC turning centers. I have made simple parts for landscape tools and complex medical implants.
    I study and learn every day. I love listening to others with great ideas and experience.
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