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  • Hi, MIke.
    I inherited an old B&S MicroVal that someone started to replace the lines on about 20 years ago. Now I'm tasked with getting it operational. I'd be grateful for anything you have on this machine.
    Best Regards
    David Holman
    [email protected]
    Hi Mike

    I seen in several threads as I searched that you had a pneumatic schematic that many have used to replace the air lines on a Gage 200 / microval. Any way you could share it with me. My email is [email protected]. Thanks for your help!!


    Mitch Linton
    Hi Mike. I'm still trying to figure out why my CNC machinist calculator app isn't working on your Samsung note. Would you be willing to do some troubleshooting for me?
    Re: Jacobs Model 50 lathe collet chuck and 500 series collets, On 09-09-2003, 10:57 AM, you wrote:

    "...I've got copies of the manual and brochure in PDF format... I've grown really fond of these on a Clausing 5914 lathe. Mike, near Chicago "

    If you still have the pdf files, could you send copies to me by email?

    Thanks very much,
    [email protected]
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