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  • I have a Bridgeport Interact 316 with the Fanuc OM controller and the dual tool carousels. I was wondering if you have any experience with those machines.
    hello Mr Bridgeport I read a thread about you having some tnc 355 parts I think I need the actual controller can you help me??
    Mr. Bridgeport,
    I have a V2xt mill with the Renishaw probe, the probe works and will digitize a part, but there is
    no software installed on the machine to convert the coordinates to a tool path (EZ-MILL, EZ-SURF).
    Is this software available?

    Thanks for any info you can provide, Keith
    Hello Mr Bridgeport,
    I was hoping you could give me some insight as to whats going on with my TC-22.
    I have it all back together now but when I get it booted up and enable my drives the head will fall untill I e-stop it.
    I have the head blocked up now and can enable the drives.
    If I hit home axis the tool carousel will home and show its on tool 2.
    Then the drives will drop out and say z axis drive overcurrent,
    I also notice that when the brake releases after enabling the drives if I watch the readouts and turn the z axis ballscrew
    the readouts wont show movement.
    This has me lost as to whether I have an encoder problem or an axis drive problem.
    The readouts show a following error of .050.
    This is a parvex motor on z axis.
    Should the readouts show axis movement when you are in the maintanence page or will it not show there?
    I have watched the z axis motor to see if it trys to turn before the drive faults out but it doesnt
    Thanks for the help
    Mr Bridgeport

    I received your message about the Bondhus gold plated allen wrenches but your address was missing.

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