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  • Hi ole. steen

    I got your name from Cristian Negrila in Rumenia ,he said that he sold you a Schaublin lathe .I would like to ask you how the transaction money and lathe was done ,was it to your sdisfaction and what I have to look out for.

    Thanks very much Stephan in the USA

    My email is [email protected]
    Hi Ole,
    Finally getting around to fitting DRO to my Prvomajska (Macmon) Mill. Looked for your thread (Thread: "DRO on Deckel FP1 clone"). Unfortunately as it is old thread the photos have been removed. Is there any chance you would still have any pics. I know you have sold your Macmon but here's hoping.
    Kind regards
    I noticed you have a caz360. I am a novice on mine and trying to understand the thread cutting controls and procedures for using the stops and crossfeed micrometers. I figured out how to select the pitch but dont understand what all rhe other controls do and the threading procedure. What handles to engage and when. are the stops and micrometers on the crossfeed used for threading?
    I saw by reading the post concerning the Cazeneuve HBX 360 that you know this lathe very well . I'm living in France (Paris) and just bought this lathe from aviation company . my first mistake was to not look the motor plate! this one was a three phase 220v motor and i need 400V 3~ motor and the second mistake was to not have looked at the variator pulley which seems to be in bad shape !

    could you tell me ifit's difficult to find replacement part in your country ? here in france ( REPMO) still keep replacement part for this lathe but it's too expensive for me .

    a friend of mine just found me a second electric motor for my lathe (400V 3~) but the output shaft is completely different than the original motor i've got !

    so i would really like to find a complet motor + pulley for my lathe , i hope you could help me ?

    anyway it was a pleasure to read the post you made about this lathe , i learnt a lot reading it.


    Eric ( [email protected])
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