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  • If you do decide that you would be willing to ship the dro, let me know. I have a mitotoyo scale that has the clips that keep the reader in place and off the scale for shipping. I think I have 2 pair, I could mail you the clips if that made shipping easier. Anyway if you don't have luck locally and decide to ship, let me know. Thanks sam
    Hey Pete,

    Saw your post about your mazak qt15. I have a similar machine (hyundai hit18s) and have a few questions I'd like to ask someone a little more experienced than me about powering it with a VFD or rotary phase converter to run on single phase.

    Would you be able to offer a little insight? Its a 20HP motor, 39 kva, 230v transformer, and I've never wired anything other than a 220v single phase outlet for my 12x36 lathe.

    Looking for a recommendation on which way to go - VFD or RPC, and the minimum capacity i absolutely need, vs what capacity would be ideal.

    Thanks in advance! Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Joe Sosnowski
    Juliet Delta Customs
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