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  • Hello,
    I'm a little bit curious about your thread "From Media to Manufacturing". are you in the business with them?
    I'm working on some other products/designs for some weeks now.
    I'd be happy if I get some replies on it. :)

    Best Regards,
    Jasmeet Singh
    I'm a new member. The word Plastic appears under my name. Is this something I select? What does it mean?
    Practical Man,
    I'm a new member and a new poster on the classifieds, but my new ad disappeared after one day, what did I do wrong, Appreciate any help.
    Hi PM! I was just trying to post a new thread to the Machining forum but noticed that I don't have permission. Do I need to do something in order to obtain this? I just wanted to post a thread on getting parts for a machine from a company this no longer in business. I have looked at some of the previous posts about this company but haven't found any info regarding this. If you could help it would be great.
    I have BYSTRONIC waterjet. Byjet 3015 model 1998
    Its system is dos base and I transfer the new data by floppy drive 3.5- inch.
    Can I convert this system on USB flash drive for drawing input.
    Compare insert drills to spade drills for drilling 1 3/16" holes thru 4 inches of 304SS. Have coolant thus spindle capabilities.
    I'm wondering why the Article Forum is closed to Work Holding?

    Any comment? I have some writings I'd like to display.

    I am having trouble editing my posts. I have done it in the past, but for some reason it is not letting me edit or delete my posts. Any help is appreciated.
    I have a question not so much about machining but about any info on using a lathe shipping container to turn it into a storage shed. How to install doors on it and a roof. This container has some light angle iron with thin sheet metal tacked on. There are four panels and a top that bolt together on a channel iron base that i would like to convert it to a storage building for at home. Any info would be apprecitated.

    Is this a proper forum for discussing a green lubricant (USDA Certified as 100% Biobased) tapping paste that will tap Inconel, Titanium etc. If not is there one where this would be permissable to discuss.
    Since I inventied it I'm not too sure what the rules are as I am hoping ot sell it.

    Sir, my account has been activated (just a few minutes ago) but at the bottom of any given page it says that I may not post, etc. Why is this?
    Practicalman, I,m new and could not figure how to start a new post about measuring angles over a gage pin.
    In the past I had a chart from DME that showed measuring over different size pins when grinding angles on a surface grinder
    Can you help? Ken P
    Greetings, I'm new to the forum as well as the whole machine shop world. As a newbie I need some advice on the adjustment of a Buck tru-set 3 jaw chuck. I have dialed it in several times now, but every time I re-chuck a piece it is way out of tolerance again. How tight should the 4 set screws be when the final settings are made? Should I take it apart and clean it? Thanks for the input
    Just wondering why I can't post in the Machine Tool Component/Attachment/Accessories forum ?
    Having a quarrel about how many turns a NOGO ACME stub thread may be allowed to thread into a part. I've read many times up to 1.5 turns. And since the economy and helath care costs have taken their tolls on some of our expenditures, purchasing more reading info from any of the following, ANSI, ISO, NIST ASME is like asking to go have plastic surgery to hide your age right now.
    So, to be quick here, can anyone point me in the right direction as to where to find the answer exactly? If I knew where to go to find the answer, it would be a lot easier to find other nagging questions regarding some trivial gage questions that sometimes seem like you're in a grey area by yourself. The thread depth is about 3/4 inch deep and is at a fairly large 4.675 dia.
    Awhile back I saw an item on how to mount a washer in a chuck using magnets. I can not find the instructions. Can anyone help me
    It is possible to cut 19.05 threads per inch on a southbend imperial lathe using a metric conversion set of change wheels. With a 32T gear driving 127T and 100T driving 56T gear. The Norton gearbox is now set on its "B" setting (a ratio of 4/7 and gear selector slid along to number 6 position (this has 28T driving 24T). The gear box then transfers these settings via 28T driving the leadscrew’s 20T. I have illustrations of the ratios inside my screwcutting gearbox, but I can not find a means to attach them using this message system.

    TP1 = 8 x 127 x 56 x 7 x 24 x 20
    1 32 100 4 28 28

    = 19.05 threads per inch

    The leadscrew must stay engaged and reversed for the next cut
    I have cincinnati milacron arrow 500 acramatic 2100 there is problem in apc in rack 0 but rack 0 is not in pannel. i need help for that and how i can resolve this problem please suggest me.

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