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  • Interested in the domain names.
    My wife and I just opened 3Rivers EDM here in Pittsburgh!!
    Hello Fritz here inquiring about your Cut 2000 wire edm,who makes this and how can I estimate time it take to cut?
    I have more data that I need to send you, but i have misplaced your email address (or I can't remember what I listed it under). t's hell getting old. Anyway, if you respond to this, I'll have it again.

    [email protected]
    I'm in San Luis Obispo, about midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco, on the coast. I lived in north San Diego county many years ago (in the early/mid 80's) Carlsbad/LaCosta area. Very nice there, though has become very, very crowded these days.

    What part of CA are you in?

    Spent a few years there.

    San Diego/Imperial Beach when I was young.

    Modesto area more recently.

    In-laws living in Turlock, Sonora, Eureka, and Taft.
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