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    Amada RG25 press brake: pump accidentally ran backwards

    I'm a dummy. While I was doing stuff, something fell underneath the pedal, limiting the travel just enough to not appear suspicious at first. Works like it should now.
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    Amada RG25 press brake: pump accidentally ran backwards

    I've had the machine for a while and ran great. Went to do some rewiring in the shop and accidentally swapped legs so it ran the pump in reverse. I fixed it and went to run the machine, now the ram is painfully slow and sometimes not responsive. Is there something I can do to fix this?
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    Pole Building Current Cost

    So what would've been a normal 40x60 pre-batshitcrazy prices? Can anyone guesstimate the cost difference between pole and red-iron in similar dimensions? Just acquired some property and might want to develop sometime in the distant future so I need to figure out how many organs to sell.
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    Measuring max temp in oven conveyor

    In the back of my brain I figure there would be a wax based substance that could work and here it is! Thanks!
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    Measuring max temp in oven conveyor

    We have a conveyor system that dips a part in varnish and oven cures it around 300ish F. I have a digital monitor to see the oven temp but I want assurance that throughout the process, it's to never exceed 340F on the conveyor hanger (wanting to test high temp RFID tags to merry parts to hanger...
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    Smart CNC Machines

    While at IMTS this year, I came across the Smart CNC Machine booth. Prices seem too reasonable and rumors say some of their machines are built on Japanese frames (I recall seeing an HMC that said it was made by Niigata or something rather). I see they're also new so it's hard to get a feel on...
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    Tapping solution/fluid/paste/etc

    Problem has been resolved. Engineering was wanting holes 0.75 deep but I convinced them to make it 0.55 after I had numerous good runs at a shallower depth. Obviously going deeper with a hand tap causes a lot of binding. Before tapping, the operator has to blow out each hole. Then I use Crisco...
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    CNC plasma Z axis floating head touch sensor G code nightmare

    Try asking this on plasmaspider's forums. I think I use G28.1. The post should have everything needed to configure the Gcode so you should be able to erase or turn off the second slow probe. I'm sure I'm using one of Mach's post (there's like half a dozen of them) and I don't have the re-probe...
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    Where to buy milling machines and lathes in Canada

    Camp on Bidspotter. Occasionally there's equipment up for auction in Canada. Can get heck of a deal if you have the cash ready.
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    How did you get established?

    Curious how some of you managed to open your own job shop especially if it was a solo venture? I can't imagine it's like opening a restaurant. I can wrap my head if you're making products but being a job shop making small runs leaves me wondering. Did you work for someone else and pocket a few...
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    Used CNC machine sales company in the midwest

    Wondering what people can recommend (closer to Missouri the better)? We have to spend some money before the end of the year. We can't really do auctions due to the financial bureaucracy. We never dealt with many resellers so feedback would be nice on who to use and who to avoid. Looking...
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    Center clamping mechanism for Hey facing and centering machine

    Do you have a lead for that contact? We had one a while ago but it was a family business that shut down after the father passed. All the parts were liquidated by the children and we no longer had a source afterwards. No manual. One of our maintenance guys only got so far taking one apart.
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    Center clamping mechanism for Hey facing and centering machine

    We have three of these machines here and only one is operational; the other two are our parts cars. The only issues we have are the clamping heads. They all tend to seize over time where they can't be adjusted but can still clamp. I'm sure they can be rebuilt but I was thinking of taking it...
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    NDA for subbing out work

    I'm going to be quoting a job where I might have to sub out the companies logo to have a sign made. Is there a template I can build off of to have the sign company sign so they're not to disclose or publicly post the work? I'm a side-job, one-man-band so I don't have a [business] lawyer handy. I...
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    Entry-level plasma cutters for up to 1/2" thick mild & stainless flat & tube?

    I have cut plenty of 1/4" A36 with my older Hypertherm Powermax 45. And I mean tons of 1/4". I'd wager I'm the reigning 1/4" champion with a PM45. Hasn't skipped a beat for almost 5 years. I added a blower fan to the intake to keep things extra cool since it can be cutting almost 8 hours a day...