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  • Hello there Steve... :)

    I haven't been on PM for awhile and was checking about and wondered how you were getting along with your situation. Spring is coming on strong out here on the east coast, with my garden planted and lots of green things poking through the earth... wondering if they should come out or not... we still could get snow from now till the end of May.

    Best regards...

    Hi Brian

    I hadn't logged in for a while - but just been having had a sneaky peek, so I didn't see your message until tonight (28 Jan). I really hope your your mum is back out of hospital and all cylinders are firing again. Hospital visiting is very wearing isn't it
    My mum is managing - I have spent quite a while with her today, collect a skirt she has had shortened, local bank and a shopping trip to the city centre. This was after I had 2 new tyres fitted to my old Jeep Cherokee. At least dad's car sold a couple of weeks ago, so that is one thing less to worry about.
    A happy New Year to you and yours too!

    Kind regards

    Hello Brian
    Sorry I have only just noticed your message - I often read the posts without logging in, but I've just logged on to comment. Thanks for you kind words - we're getting there, not looking forward to Christmas much, but we'll have a decent meal even if we end up arguing. I'm 56 and am trying to muster up the enthusiasm to make something again. Life has been on hold for a few months, but at least I went in the shed this morning to check the heating was still on and the tin worms were held at bay.
    Now we have the money sorted out, I just need to sell dad's car then worry about the fact that I have two workshops now. I haven't got room for all of it and some is duplicated, so next year will be a painful sort out.

    I've also got a Clayton steam wagon to finish now!

    Merry Christmas from Yorkshire, England

    Nah I never did find it. Its pretty much on its last leg now. We are basically using it as a glorified drillpress at the moment.
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