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  • Hi Ted,
    Scrolling through the forum looking for part i noticed your name a few times, so that's why this personal message.
    I recently purchased a beautiful 1947(?) Heavy 10 which i'd like to take back into working condition. I took it apart and it looks to be in excellent condition!

    The only problem is that the apron is a bit empty. No clutch, no shifter, no lever, or knob. Also the cross feed gear is missing.
    Being that i live in the Netherlands, parts are not readily available locally. Also ebay searches have only resulted in lot's of 9" or 10K parts.

    Could you maybe help in the right direction for acquiring these parts?

    Thanks and with regards,

    G'day Ted, I sent a message to you earlier today. Im new here so I may have done it wrong. Anyway I was told in a forum to try you for a part I need. I'm after a worm wheel in the apron of my SB9a which I'm trying to restore. Mine is badly worn and parts are impossible to get here in Australia. Hope you can help. Thanks. Derek.
    Hello Ted,

    I am looking for part number: PT33T2

    It should be an Idler Gear

    It is for the South Bend Lathe with serial number: 3121TKL10
    This is Michael the guy that got your follow rest a month or so ago. Could you give me a call tomorrow? We finally got power to the shop, and we wired the Nordic15. Something is not right because the motor will turn but none of the controls work and the spindle will not turn no matter what setting it is on. We have had the electrician out twice but to no avail. He pulled the emergency stop button and found several wires in bad shape. Someone had tried to put new ends on the wires but used the wrong ones for the guage so he replaced them. Still, it made no difference. I noticed in you about you that you are a southbend repairman and we are in dire need of a repairman to help us get this figured out. Where we got it at Cocke County schools in TN said it ran great but I’m having my doubts. My number is 828-275-0551 if you don’t mind calling me. If no answer please leave a message because I usually don’t answer unknown calls. I’ll call right back.

    Hi, I'm looking for info re:differences between CI and Bronze bearing spindles if any.
    Heavy10RN w 1.625 CI bearings. But my spindle is pitted.
    Is upgrading the spindle to can lock spindle possible while keeping the original CI bearing?
    Hi Ted.

    Hey I just recently got a heavy 10 and am in process to get it up and running. It has a 5c collet closer, pretty sure the 924 e model, it has the lever. I haven't found any sb documentation on what features it has, but I thought it had a clutch which would disengage the workpiece spinning when the collet is released from tension. Ive been paying around with it with power off but so far no luck. I see you are an expert here on the forum and I wondered if I might pick your brain.

    Hello Ted
    Just checking if you got my mails
    Have some Medical problems with my wife's parents so didn't have the time to inspect and make a list of parts needed, I suspect I would need your help in looking at the photos I've sent and recommend the needed parts I hope you have what I need
    I sent you a message about a carriage
    Lock and shoe I needed .I won't be needing them THANKS anyway also if it's bad form to ask for part help without ever having introduced please excuse me
    I Need a saddle locking bolt and locking shoe for a 13/40 sb tool room lathe can you help me?Thank you
    Would you consider $300 for the lot. I will cover shipping if not to bad. Area code 29369. My phone # 864-327-5760. Thanks Hodge
    Greetings Ted,

    Numerous references on the forum led me here. Might you have a tailstock for a "light ten" lathe? Mine is from the early 1960's, catalog number CL370RD, serial number 8743KKR7. My tailstock is missing completely.

    Scott Little
    [email protected]
    Hello, saw an old post that said you had or know where to aquire a index plate for a 13" single tumbler south bend. If you have one or can send me to the right place it would be greatly appreciated, thanks Charlie Clevenger
    Hi Ted, I've been directed (forum guys) to ask if you would by chance have a Carriage lock & bolt for my newly restored 10L. Is there any available out there? It's the last piece of the puzzle.
    BTW, your message box is full...
    Thanks, Gordon

    Would you happen to have a NOS spindle thrust bearing for a 59 10L, the one right behind the cone pulley. Or would you happen to know of a modern replacement if you do not have any.


    SBLatheman, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I'm just now finding the time to learn how to navigate the site so I just found your reply. I did find a closer but I really do appreciate your response. Mike
    Hi, my name is Mike Lucius and I saw on this site that you would be a good person to contact about a hand wheel collet closer for a South Bend Heavy 10. Would you have one available or have an idea where a person might track one down? Thanks.
    Ted, would you happen to have or know where I can get a full shim pack for heavy 10L spindle, mine are pretty mangled. I could make some if I can't find any but I was trying to stay original and looking for the quick and easy route.
    HI Ted my name is Mark Lucas I just started my 1961 10k CL770R 8118KAR8 restoration just found what year it was. I would like to know how to get a rebuild manual for this lathe I do see some but are they for that year or doesn't matter not sure . Also I will need some parts like a rebuild kit . I do have a parts list coming but don't think that's all I will need . Since I have this apart iI would like to change out the nuts on the crossfeeds not sure where to get them and other tings so any info would be great to put me in the right direction better yet if you have the sfuff I need thanks Mark Lucas
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