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  • Hi shopskill, I don't check this area often so sorry for the delay,, you dont mention your corner radius you can live with, I will give 2 examples of how I would approach this. I use a lot of Mitsubishi high feed endmills, OSG makes a similar one. I would take a 6mm dia with a 1.5mm rad and I would use a pocket routine, .07-.085 stepover with a .0075-.01 stepdown, 6500rpm's by 125-150" per min feedrate. This will get you a .118 corner rad in the pocket and a fillet on the bottom, if necessary I would sharpen that out with another tool.. The best method if you have a good cam system would be a "trochoidal" strategy, ramp down your depth, I would use at least 1.5x cutter dia. for example a .250 dia cutter I would have a .375 stepdown, and use 5-7% stepover, (.01-.017) per pass, using small circular movements, around the same 6000 rpm's x 40-50" feed rate, this removes material very efficiently, one endmill should last a long time. Air blast on everything.
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