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  • Hi Brent,my apologies for the very late reply. My Weiler is the "Praktikant" model 250mm swing 1met cntrs
    Hi Brent. I phrased that wrong - sorry. The drawbar I have is for a Primus or LZD220. The thread is 21.1 mm.
    But I had to sell the Weiler Primus. Now I have a Colchester Chipmaster from a UK school - abused in the spindle nose,
    but the rest seems ok. Gearbox is working and I am about to fit a VFD instead of the variator. I can't get the right oil
    for the variator, and I'm not sure it's 100% ok. So I'll rather have some fun with a VFD. When it's running again, I'll
    see if I can grind the MT4½ spindle and also grind a bush so I can use the Weiler W23 collets. I am still looking for a
    Pratt-Burnerd KC-15 D3 collwt chuck.
    Hi Brent. One year later:
    Thank you for sending me a message. I don't look in my profile for these messages so I
    never know when there are any. The collets I have for the Weiler Primus I had, are 23 mm in diameter. And those for the Matador etc. are larger. I have a drawbar for them,
    and I don't know if I should grind a spindle bush to fit, so I can use them with my
    Chipmaster, or I should buy a Pratt-Burnerd KC collet chuck instead.
    Cheers Erik
    Thank you for your nice comments about my stuff, one of terms I call it too. I like to share my collecting and I do so here because there are so few people locally that could care in the slightest way. It is really nice for when someone like you takes the time to tell you enjoy it.

    Have a great day, Bill
    Hello Brent

    The FP4 is a totaly different machine as a FP4M So the FP4 manual is not gonna help
    I am home now and don`t have a manual for the FP4M here Perhaps in the shop on monday

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