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    Retention Knob issue between BT30-1 and 2

    I thought brother was the only one with the 60 degree pull stud.
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    BT30 pullstuds

    I'm guilty of this when I'm to lazy to switch pull studs.Never any production but light stuff they interchange and work. Never dropped any tools.I have no speedio just a old 1992 brother and a new TongTia VTX-5.
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    Tongtai VTX-7 Mits M80 Alarms 1068 & 1040 Lubrication Alarm Help!

    Looked on my VTX-5 today You can push the feed button on the lube pump, to cycle the pump, the pressure gauge should be in the green marks. If not building up pressure you can adjust the pressure by loosing up the jam nut, right side of pump ( looks like about a 10 mm nut) and turning screw in...
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    Tongtai VTX-7 Mits M80 Alarms 1068 & 1040 Lubrication Alarm Help!

    I have a VTX-5 and the pump runs for 15-20 seconds.I also have a pressure gauge on the lube pump that shows it is getting pressure.You can turn pump on by pressing switch on the way lube oilier. Maybe you have a plugged oil pickup line in the way lube tank?
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    Brother Speedio Tool Life/Workpiece counters

    You got the M211 code on its own line before M30?
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    1999 Brother TC-229 Power alarm when poweer is turned on

    Do all the front panel lights on the keys light up?
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    TC22A 4th Axis Drive & Motor

    Look on the Machinio website they have a 22a with a 5 axis on it. A few 4 axis to. Maybe they will give you some board numbers. Where is Brotherfank in times of need? He will know for sure. I have a 1991 227 with a positioning 4th on it and it works. My local dealer(HALES Machine Tool in...
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    Qualchem 250 splitting......I need an alternative.

    Rustlick ULTRACUT PRO not the CF stuff. Been using for years now only thing that stops my parts from rusting. MRO Supply
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    2006 Fadal 3016 Fanuc 18i Control

    Remove light bulb or disconnect wire
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    Issue Sending programs to an Older controller

    I always send with % sign on first block and at the end of program. Are you using a capital O (not a 0-zero) then the program number? Example: O0005
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    Manual grease lubrication? Clogged grease lines.

    It will probably take a few hours if it's like my 227. Two people needed to do the Z trucks.Otherwise only one person needed. I only had to take off the way covers. I put in new push on 90 degree swivels on some straight push grease fittings on others so figure a couple of days to get...
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    Matsuura MC-760VX, Yasnac MX3 Serial Communications problems

    If you got a tape reader on it maybe get a BTR board if you want to DNC with the bone. First locate a tape that works in it so you know that part works. Jap stuff wasn't very good at DNC in the old days but very good with tapes.
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    Old(er) Haas TM1/2 w/o Enclosure Safety

    I had one for 19 years. Yes they make a mess,they are slow,it was very nice to have a open machine. I made a lot of money with mine $500-$600 k with it and have nothing but praise for it. Deadly accurate even after 19 years. If I had the room I would have kept it and I miss it. My friend bought...
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    Tongtai machine

    I got one a VTX-5 It seems to preform well. It is a moose weighting at 6300 lbs and big. On paper it looks good and so far has been a very nice machine.