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  • I have a question about restoring my clausing. Do you remember a thin washer between bearings on x and y screw?
    Rick clow
    Hey Terrey,
    My name is Jim, new user here and other boards you frequent. My user name here is creex.

    I have acquired a 1963 8520 mill. I plan to immediately refurb it almost as thoroughly as you. I am a pretty mechanical guy - the mill is to make one-off bike parts for my real interest - but this is my first time tearing into a piece of equipment of this genre. It is also my first foray back to machining - last was in college 30 years ago completing my degree in industrial education.

    I am wondering if we might make direct email (or voice) contact so I can occasionally pester you with some questions due to your experience? My best direct email route is [email protected] .

    I know you put a lot of time into selection of bearings - One question is why you picked a 15-degree instead of 7? Another would be if there is anything specific you recommend I do during dissasmeble other than document/photograph religiously to help reassembly?
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