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    Custom leveling pads. Circular disks with a center threaded hole and a rubber pad on one end. Shear strength of thread?

    If your worried about the threaded stud stripping and pushing thru the disk into/through the rubber, can you just put a backup nut above the threaded disk to distribute the load over more engaged threads?
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    OT - How accurate is a pi tape?

    dip a length of piano wire in dychem. wrap around red register at least 1.5 times. reach in with sharp tool and scratch across both wires. remove wire, measure length between scribes.
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    I have a Brand New CNC Bridgeport i'd like to trade for a New Manual Bridgeport

    I have a strange situation that may benefit the right person. I have one of these, in perfect condition never used. https://www.mscdirect.com/product/details/85629194 Due to employer imposed rules, we cannot sell this machine for $. What we can do is trade it. If anyone is interested in...
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    Would like to Borrow/Rent/Buy a 3/4" square broach.

    if ya give me a drawing, i can rip some out on my 5axis waterjet for ya...
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    CNC Machinist/Programmer Massachusetts $30-$40/hr

    That hourly rate is rather low for what your asking, especially in the northeast. We fill similar roles at 60-80/hr in boston...
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    Cat 45 holders

    @mods, can we block this 'gentleman', clearly not a contributor here....
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    Cat 45 holders

    seriously, just go away. ignoring the rules, and insulting other members will not serve you well here...
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    Brands of robotic arms

    I'm in boston. We have a dozen ABB's from 6kg to 250kg payload units. Let me know if you have any difficulty getting in touch with a sales rep...
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    South Bend 9A

    That is awful. @ OP, do NOT use your kitchen oven to cure paint The reasons should be rather obvious
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    Source for DI Resin in Colorado?

    We buy direct from ebco through their exchange program....
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    Strongest rod available

    How bout this? Object moved
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    How did Dietzgen make this thumbscrew?

    Methinks snot a blind hole tho...
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    Waterjet Tank Temperatures

    Given the tolerances we typically aim for on our WJ, tank temp has never noticeably altered our finished blanks. We do however filter and reuse our tank water for cutting (Through a multi stage ebco filtration system) we then run the scrubbed water through a large chiller before it goes to the...
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    Electromagnetic chuck - weak surface, strong on ends

    I know you're just perpetually a dickhead, but sometimes man, i really wish you'd give it a rest. Why are you so hell bent on being such a god damned ass hole?
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    Patching Aluminum

    Frankly, i dont think a steel filled adhesive is a good idea on raw aluminum. I'd go for a toughened epoxy like this Jamestown Distributors