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    South Bend 9A

    That is awful. @ OP, do NOT use your kitchen oven to cure paint The reasons should be rather obvious
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    Source for DI Resin in Colorado?

    We buy direct from ebco through their exchange program....
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    Strongest rod available

    How bout this? Object moved
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    How did Dietzgen make this thumbscrew?

    Methinks snot a blind hole tho...
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    Waterjet Tank Temperatures

    Given the tolerances we typically aim for on our WJ, tank temp has never noticeably altered our finished blanks. We do however filter and reuse our tank water for cutting (Through a multi stage ebco filtration system) we then run the scrubbed water through a large chiller before it goes to the...
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    Electromagnetic chuck - weak surface, strong on ends

    I know you're just perpetually a dickhead, but sometimes man, i really wish you'd give it a rest. Why are you so hell bent on being such a god damned ass hole?
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    Patching Aluminum

    Frankly, i dont think a steel filled adhesive is a good idea on raw aluminum. I'd go for a toughened epoxy like this Jamestown Distributors
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    Need shipper LTL 43515 to 32720

    I suspect &50 = 750lbs...
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    New to me South Bend 16” 12ft bed

    Obviously he's into jousting...
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    Parts Washer-I am looking for a good one made int he USA

    We have the 25g smartwasher (not sure of the model #) about 4 years old. It runs the ozy juice liquid and is heated. You need to change the filter mats monthly to keep it eating oil properly. Its been awesome, works great every time, and very effective. Highly recommended.
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    Need a Rockstar Machinist for Rocket Engine Components

    75k? The person you are looking for is worth 3+ times that. Goodluck
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    Ceramic Particles Wanted

    Could you pulverize some of the correct material and sift for particle size?
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    Best magnetic drill for 7/16" holes in 3/4" steel plate ?

    Yeaaaaa, I noticed who I replied to after I submitted that reply. On the bright side, I was kinda polite, and slightly helpful. Now off to cry in my corner...
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    Best magnetic drill for 7/16" holes in 3/4" steel plate ?

    The tool you describe is an annular cutter. And yes they are commonly available in 7/16"D. And yes mag drills are available with power feed. In the future I would encourage you to take a few minutes and google simple questions before asking a community like this. You will have better luck saving...