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  • I did a flame test on the grease that was there; sodium based. This makes sense from a historical perspective. I was in a different situation than you as I did not wish to remove the bearings; no spindle runout. I just wanted to put in fresh grease that was compatible with what was already there. I used a needle and relubed them. I used a tub of sodium (non-disc brake) grease I got at an auto parts store. It has been doing fine. If I was in your shoes I'd use mobil XHP 222 and never look back. The grease suggested in one of the posts is great stuff but overkill IMHO, but it would be a fine choice too. The XHP will be available locally and will cost ~ $4 a tube.

    Did you ever find any literature? I looked and looked and have never found anything -would love to see anything you have for future reference.

    Please describe to me your disassembly method for the headstock so I can save it away for future use.


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