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  • Your profile pic bears a remarkable resemblance to one Frank Vincent Zappa. I do miss him so but was fortunate to see him in concert several times and have an extensive collection of his albums.

    You have excellant taste sir!
    Dude, I hope your comment wasn't directed at me because,
    1. My uncles fought in WWII. One uncle died over there crossing the Rhine. The other was an aide to Gen Patton thru the whole war.
    2.I was born and raised In western pennsyvainia.
    3. I'm not Mexican and why should matter if I was.
    Hiya thruthefence,just noticed we are neighbors.I'm just across the river in Blanchard.Small world isn't it.
    Hope your managing the heat well enough.Been running around 105+ here at B&J
    "Does he visit you prison Often?"

    You, sir are awsome.

    Thanks to you for a trully big belly laugh.
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