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I've begun listing sites I participate with on my resume. And those are sites where a common set of interests binds that community together. Machine Tools. Mechanics & Engineering. Firearms. Woodwork. History & Inventors. Worker's Rights.

Which to say is not on Facebook, Twitter, Stumbled or Pinterest. Those seem bound by persons with nothing better to do than pose, idolize, or create a fictitious persona.

Point me to the real deal.
Respect my input, counter with your own, and let us mentor those with the desire to know more.

And wonder why a salesman in a fab house has an expense account, needs compensation for a few bucks gas per week, and wants to borrow YOUR tape measure.
YOU, who can't roll in the first day without a a couple grand tied up in a Kennedy, or other tools specific to your own trade.

Or the designer sitting at 2 or 3 big monitors, prints out a 12 foot long product on 8.5 x 11 paper.
Or the 5S facilitator thinking 'scrap' is no different than 'remnant'.

YOU, whose talent - skill - and dedicated efforts pay the company's bills; but some accountant with an AA deems 'you' as overhead.

Machinery/Tooling, Mechanics, Fabrication, Repairs, Reverse Engineering,
West MO
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Toolmaker, Inspector, precise micro-assemblies. Now own a building, starting a trade school. Yes!
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Do not fault younger generation that haven't your interests; unless you've expended serious effort as a mentor.