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  • Willieo, I am interested in one of each in ER-32. No nuts
    These look extremely useful and made in the USA, nice.
    I just had a job that I could have used these on.
    $272.50 for the pair sounds like a good deal.

    If you have any available I will buy

    Bogart999 9
    aka Louis Roy
    [email protected]
    Hello Sir. I wmsawn your post here that You sell carbide scrap? Do You still have something to sale?
    I have a 1" - 4 threads with a triple start I need to program....will be running it on a Daewoo lynx210L with fanuc control could some one help me with the program for this...would like to run all starts at the same depth on each pass if possible.
    Wille, Is there any way that Prototrak Lathe and mill could be add the your froum list I'm new on your site and I have had a Prototrak lathe for just over a year and would like some help and also how would I ask a question on your site, how do I do that ? Your help would help me. This is a message I sent to Milacron 5/23/13 last week I would think as a moderator he would a least respond with some kind of a answer, again I'm just new at your site and the Prototrak is what I have as well as a ST10 Haas I would like to ask questions about Prototrak so where do I go to ask questions?
    Dear Willie,

    We have two(2) NC saws in our plant whose position transducers (resolver+torque) went obsolete.
    Do you know of a manufacturer that may quote for a replacement model?

    Senior Electrical Engineer
    Bettendorf IA
    Did I notice something on this site about not being allowed to discuss Taiwanese or Chinese milling machines? (I read the forum rules and didn't see anything about this.)
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