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    Tool numbers in machine VS master tool list numbers.

    The Speedio C00 control has 10 sets of 99 offsets standard. New D00 control machines more. If you go to Edit mode, Directory of Memory and select Data Bank, you can choose Tool Data 1, Tool Data 2, up to Tool Data 5 in inch and metric. Same with work offsets etc... pm me if you would like to...
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    Haas or Takisawa Taiwan cnc lathe

    Where are you located? The Takisawa (Japan) machines are imported and supported by Yamazen Inc in most areas of the US.
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    Macro on a speedio?

    Looks good to me. You will need to call it from another program with G65 P9160 K_ S_ V_ Q_ ... the six variables filled in. Run it in the air and see what it does...
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    Using Right Angle Head in Brother Speedio W1000Xd1

    If you check in the Operation Manual 1, pgs 3-27 and 3-28, it gives you tool holder specs and limitations. Length, Weight , Dia, rpm and center of gravity play into the equation. As far as tools running next to each other, the manual says if you run two 125mm OSG face mills, do not run them in...
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    Fanuc Robodrill For Sale, 2001, Very Nice Condition

    This machine is sold. No longer available. Thank you!
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    DN Solutions vs Leadwell vs Takisawa vs DMG Mori

    Sorry to hear you are having issues. It is surprising to me as we have installed quite a few here and I have never heard of the turret needing to be slowed down. Balancing the turret is a good practice on any machine I think. there is a big weight difference between some of the various adapters...
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    Fanuc Robodrill For Sale, 2001, Very Nice Condition

    Hi all. Client in Escondido, CA is selling this very nice robodrill they purchased new and maintained well. It has 8000 rpm spindle, 14 tool magazine, includes coolant tank and mist collector. About 10,600 hours (Low) cut time total. Spindle was replaced recently. Powered up and running. Ready...
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    Speedio is too damn fast, how do I slow down spindle acc/dec

    I would experiment to find the rpm where the blades open fully. Then when starting the fan I would start the spindle to that rpm, dwell for .5 second and then go up to the speed I want to run the fan at. I think once the blades are open the accel will be fine. Maybe need to do something like...
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    Tapping Indexed thread on Brother

    yes. M19 with an R value. As Eric at Orange stated, if you change tools (new tap) you will need to check where the new thread starts. If you have more than one hole to tap per cycle, use M19 Rxxx before each tapped hole and they will all start the same. I would take some scrap material and...
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    New machine day! she's a biggun...

    Yamazen has a tech center in Novi!
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    New machine day! she's a biggun...

    Congrats Eugene. Best of success!
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    Flat spindle noses

    140 Flat is common spindle. Kitagawa 6" chuck is 140 Flat. Royal has 140 flat in their catalog...
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    Brother Speedio Error Code SM2063

    I am curious why you are using M410 and M411. Those are not necessary if you are using the Pallet select/pallet start and Quick Table user parameter system.
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    Moderately priced 4th axis?

    The Brother rotary only works on Brother machines. The Yukiwa rotaries are great, not sure about install/support on Kit with Mits. I think the brands you mentioned (Koma, Kitagawa, Nikken...) should get you where you want to be. My suggestion is check with Kit and see who they recommend and if...
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    Brother speedio sister tool

    You can make groups of tools on your Speedio. One of the menu choices on your tool data menu is Tool Group. The way it is programmed is T901, H901, D901 for tool group 1, T902, H902, D902 for tool group 2 etc... You need to register the tools in the group and it is based on tool life, so it will...
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    5 Axis purchase, yes or no?

    U500Xd1 is very nice. The new M200Xd1 5AX also has the 28 Tool capacity and is currently the only Speedio available with full five capability as well as the turning if those features are wanted.
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    5 Axis purchase, yes or no?

    One of the best bang-for-the-buck machines for production small(ish) part machining is the Brother R450 pallet change machine. Compact money printing machine I have heard people say. They frequently replace 3 commodity VMCs for production. Why not one of these for your volume work and add a 4th...
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    Takisawa 2-axis lathe(s) for sale So Cal, great condition

    Hi all. EagleMike has sold both of these machines. Thank you.
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    Tapping versus Thread Milling

    Being a through hole helps. You can run a tap with more lead which reduces torque required. Run that with a good collet that will not allow the tap to slip. Is the pitch 1.5? Program with G77 I1.5 . I would run around 800 rpm or so. Do you have a spare piece of material you can test tap so you...
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    For Sale: 2018 Brother TC-32Bn Quick Table CNC Machining Center

    Thanks for looking all. This machine is sold.