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    Thought provoking video regarding automakers worldwide

    A friend worked as an engineer in light truck development at Ford in the last half of the 70s. Lot of time spent on the future Ranger small truck.. Original design criteria included a twin I beam front end. Someone came up with the idea of using the Fox platform front suspension. Advantages...
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    Indexable drill into ER32 chuck?

    A mag drill has a relatively wobbly spindle compared to a mill spindle. You didn't mention the hole size, but if it is in the range of spade drills as made by Allied Machine then that's the way I'd go. Use a pointed insert to start the hole and finish with a flat bottom insert which can be...
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    Top Notch Threading Inserts

    Check pricing on tool flo top notch inserts at Carbide Depot. On -3 size inserts looks like around ,$13-$14 for UN or UNJ to about $17 for Acme with most groovers in the middle of that range.
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    Okuma OSP format issues

    As it was explained to me when I added a BTR card to an Okuma lathe with a 3000 series control about 20 years ago, Okuma used a floating ground. IIRC, the explanation of that term was that, instead of 5V and 0V, a circuit could be operating on 15V and 10V. Still the same 5V difference, but not...
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    air conditioning for the shop (Florida Heat)

    I agree anything you can do to take the coolant out of the air before it gets to the a/c system is one of the best things you can do. More healthy for the employees, saves money on coolant, less a/c maintenance due to coolant glop on coils and in drain pans, and decreased cost of operation of...
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    air conditioning for the shop (Florida Heat)

    A few basics of A/C for a machine shop..... Cooling the building itself is pretty straightforward. Simple heat survey taking into account the construction and insulation of the building, just the same as any other building whether it be a house, store, church, or any other building. The...
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    First Covid 19 Vaccination Shot Today.

    My mom was in a hospital based RN program in the 1940's. In some biology class they had to collect some dirt sample and grow it out and then identify any bacteria present. So, she goes down to the basement of the hospital, reaches the top of a door casing and collects some dust for her sample...
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    What would your steel supplier do to correct this problem?

    I'd be concerned in a situation like this that the replacement piece may be another cut off the same bar and I'd find the same problem again after investing a second $600.
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    Your Recommendation for Larger, Cheaper Version of 3M Trizact Sanding Pad

    Sunmight and Eagle both have equivalents to Trizact and both are popular in high end auto paint work. None of these products could be called cheap, but 3M's prices have risen to insane levels. That's the thing that has driven body and paint shops to find alternate products that do perform (as...
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    How do you light your workshop? ... Who's using LED's

    The rated output of a fluorescent tube is determined in lab conditions by testing it with a ballast having a ballast factor (BF) of 1.0. ie, the ballast is a perfect match for the tube being tested. The industry average BF for fixtures on the market today is 0.87 so you lose 13% of your rated...
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    OT - opening up as best we can. AKA - is it still just the seasonal flu?

    Dexamethasone is used primarily on patients who are on a ventilator. It is used to supress the patient's own immune response as they've learned the cytokene storm where the patient's body mounts an extreme response to the virus results in more damage to the patient's organs than the virus...
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    OT - opening up as best we can. AKA - is it still just the seasonal flu?

    Had a neighbor when I lived in SC who was as as big as either of those women in the pic. Her daily routine consisted of continuously eating chips from a giant size bag and drinking cokes straight from a 2 liter bottle. She quit both and with no other dieting or any sort of "program", she lost...
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    OT - opening up as best we can. AKA - is it still just the seasonal flu?

    Thanks for demonstrating your ignorance of the difference between federal and state laws. Adds that much more credence to all the other blubbering slop you dredge up from your favorite lunatic fringe sites and post here as fact. Moron. FWIW, that's an Illinois state law, and the IL state...
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    OT - opening up as best we can. AKA - is it still just the seasonal flu?

    More of your fucking lunatic bullshit. No such law exists.
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    OT - opening up as best we can. AKA - is it still just the seasonal flu?

    BLOCK | PracticeUpdate This article, based on analysis of 1300+ samples, found the bulk of false positives were due to either contamination or tests of people who were already recovered but still had partial virus particles but no whole virus that could be cultivated. Overall, false positives...
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    OT - opening up as best we can. AKA - is it still just the seasonal flu?

    2009 Swine flu (H1N1).........60.8 million cases.....12,500 deaths If you got it, you had one chance in 5000 that you'd die from it Covid 19......3.9 million confirmed cases......143,000 deaths If you get it, you have one chance in 30 that you'll die from it Hardly a comparable situation...
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    Biden unveils new plan to rebuild American Manufacturing ~ Is this possible ?

    Your second link says nothing whatsoever about disinfectants in vaccines. The first is about the Healight crap. This is being pushed by some opportunistic shitbags operating as Aytu Bioscience. Their previous claim to fame is some sort of testosterone nasal spray which no doubt puts them at...
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    Biden unveils new plan to rebuild American Manufacturing ~ Is this possible ?

    Apparently reassured that the tests he was proposing would take place, Trump then theorized about the possible medical benefits of disinfectants in the fight against the virus. The above is verbatim quotes of what the stupid bastard said. When some pathetic drooling goon makes statements like...
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    OT - opening up as best we can. AKA - is it still just the seasonal flu?

    Judging by the bulk of your posts, you likely were the result of a retarded ape banging a buffalo. So you visit the zoo often. Good for you. So we're propping up Denmark now huh? Any proof of that? Or is that something you found in the latest steaming pile of Trumpshit you swallowed...
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    Phase II Hardness Tester - How to Opperate?

    Ox, I bought one of those from phase 2 about 20 yrs ago. As everyone else says, the manual ain't real good. RT90-0330, HR 150A 3R TYPE ROCKWELL HARDNESS TESTER - Accusize Industrial Tools down near the bottom of the page is a manual in 4 parts that's written in pretty good English. Part 3 has...