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  1. Toolmaker51

    Business Loan for New Home Shop

    I left CA, wife wanted a older home, coupled with a shop for myself. Original plan was farm/ rural land. Our age showed that impractical, based on should lives change. I've heard that happens. Those tied together would be an access problem without really unusual circumstances. So instead, found...
  2. Toolmaker51

    Burgmaster turret drill press for sale

    But we won't poke fun at owners of wall mounted Burgmasters. . .and chaos. I'd like to add a turret to my line-up, but $1500 seems off-market, on top of RT 1700 miles and minimum 30 hours.
  3. Toolmaker51

    WTS / trade Pratt & Whitney sloter vertical shaper 4" stroke

    Old thread or not; amazed anything made by P&W at only 1500 lbs estimated weight. Even their brass shifting plates were thicker than others. One of our legendary American machine tools makers.
  4. Toolmaker51

    Gorton 1-22 Mastermil Available

    Hmmmmmm, I'm already halfway to the other side, very edge though; Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, anything that isn't NJ, DE, MD, CT, etc. Have means to load? That's the impasse for cross country rig-on's & off's.
  5. Toolmaker51

    For sale portable key way cutter

    Might examine Climax brand machines, they have a range of portables.
  6. Toolmaker51

    Derbyshire Micromill for sale

    I use big machines, but sometimes big is a hindrance. Quality small machines are just a kick to own, use and run, my favorites are Ames TriPlex (must be something in the Waltham air), and high speed sensitive drills. Everyone makes lathes, mills are a specialty that gets rare. Anyway, I bet...
  7. Toolmaker51

    Scan-O Matic manuals

    I'll take them for reference library AND scan them for availability here on PM. Documenting everything in my 'library',list-wise for the same result. Will PM particulars.
  8. Toolmaker51

    FS Depth Mike Groove Checking Rod

    Even though sold, very worthwhile acquiring. All the benefits described above, plus you can set any 0 you'd like, by any appropriate means. Dynamite sorting of recesses by tolerance range, versus a drawn dimension; or starting from an unknown as well.
  9. Toolmaker51

    Vintage Starrett Advertising / Tools

    I PM'ed, assuming sfreidberg is after two-legged calipers/ dividers, I'm after the 3" sliding caliper . . .
  10. Toolmaker51

    WTB: Benchtop Drill press (german, swiss, swedish, etc)

    Same model Veet radial I described earlier. Couldn't buy a corner of a Donau for this price. At $500 this won't last a minute, central Oklahoma. I think #2500 weight estimate is low. Coolant tank in the base, #4MT spindle with ejector, something like 7hp, everything a compact 'bench' drill...
  11. Toolmaker51

    Does Anyone Here Do Signs? Aluminum Backing Vinyl Lettering

    We are not familiar with the incredible variety of BFE's; that's a certainty, some far more BF than others. Do you have a metal cutting vertical bandsaw? Cut metal, could make positive or negative stencils. Have a printer....? I'm not in the machine capital of the world either, alt's might be a...
  12. Toolmaker51

    4-Jaw Self-Centering chucks

    A job shop, is somewhat an oversized homeshop; constantly changing projects, some border right on edge of a machines work envelope. If reasonable tooling crosses your path, it's worth considering. If it's logical, but goes unused, that's small risk, and potentially salable. Found a full set of...
  13. Toolmaker51

    Does Anyone Here Do Signs? Aluminum Backing Vinyl Lettering

    dalmationgirl61; how about as above, routed versus printed? I can see paint filled engraving on aluminum, or counter paint of contrasting colors being durable. Another option, vinyl signage, those go all the way from business card to billboard size. I don't know what hand lettering goes for now...
  14. Toolmaker51

    Kearney & Trecker Milwaukee 2K Universal Mill

    This original photo has been animated, click on it. The subject is a "Rosie Riveter", named Eunice Hancock. She was 21, when photo taken.https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/hmt-forum/eunice_hancock_ai.mp4
  15. Toolmaker51

    Craigslist funny time!

    Good. Maybe Ox will find that funny. Funny started with a pedestal Axelson @ 19800 pounds; when a full bed Pacemaker "C" was a few hundred per foot added to base weight. Our favorite lathes, those above, + Monarch, Hendy, P&W, L&S etc did not skimp on iron. Ran the Way-Back Machine, at idle...
  16. Toolmaker51

    ? barrel straightness - v blacks & indicator ?

    ......a north window IIRC. Suspending a weight (vertically) is much easier. We examine telescopic square tubing for kinks this way. V-blocks and indicator render only cosmetic results. Indicators have been around quite some time, the earliest were simple levers, not clockworks. What is newer...
  17. Toolmaker51

    Craigslist funny time!

    Now, I'll have to look, might be the control was GE........still have the auction catalog. When it gets to outsize equipment, it's nearly valuable as McMaster-Carr.
  18. Toolmaker51

    Craigslist funny time!

    Naval Shipyard Long Beach CA........~90' GE with two head stocks and 4 carriages, lots (probably 6) of steady rests all on 1 bed.
  19. Toolmaker51

    Lassy Tools in CT.... seems to be MIA.... or ?

    I was on top of one at HGR, missing tap bushings. When Lassy finally answered, easy 2 months plus, as if I'd intruded some epic event. The definitive zero grade point average of Salesmanship 101. I'll build one of his overpriced nightstands and my own bushings.
  20. Toolmaker51

    Craigslist funny time!

    To balance the overweight condition. You know how long a full-bed lathe (vs this pedestal Axelson) weighs 19.8k?